ALFA woodfired pizza ovens

Forno 4 Pizze

The new Forno 4 Pizze will bring together your entire family. Thanks to its extreme versatility, you can grill and make pizza at the same time!

  • The inner stainless steel dome is lightweight and sturdy
  • The double ceramic fiber insulation retains heat longer, meaning the oven consumes very little wood
  • The oven floor is made from professional grade refractory materials
  • The outside of the oven does not exceed 50° C – keeping everyone safe!
  • Thanks to its wheels the oven can be moved easily inside or outside with no problems!
  • At the end of the night if you let the oven cool for a few minutes you can bake up to 4 loaves or 1.5 kg of bread
  • Weight – 140kgs
  • Colour Options – Dark Copper


ALFA woodfired pizza oven Forno 4 Pizze