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Double Sided Fireplaces


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 747 2V Fireplace.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 747 2V

These stunning double sided wood fireplaces are solid cast iron beauties.  A perfect wood fire to divide and heat a large space.  This cosy wood log fire can be shared by placing between two rooms.

The Cheminee Philippe double sided wood fireplaces (2 sided fireplace inserts) offer a number of options which feature their characteristic dual opening door system. These superb panoramic wide double sided fireboxes offer both the enjoyment and ambiance of a real open fire and the efficiency and safety of an efficient slow combustion fire.

The double sided fireboxes are 100% made in the Cheminee Philippe factory and foundry in France. The excellent efficiency and beautiful clean lines of this firebox makes it a perfect choice for today’s large, contemporary open plan home or warehouse conversion. 

There are 3 double sided fireplace styles to choose from, our most popular double sided wood fire is Radiante 846 2V,  the  Radiante 1001 DF offers the wow factor for modern living,  and the Radiante 1200 DF is ideal for large spaces.

Easy to clean, these fireplaces are a breeze to maintain. The double sided firebox can be installed freestanding, or with a choice of French or Australian designed and manufactured surrounds.

All double sided wood fireboxes are EPA approved to Australian standards.


Radiante Fireplace Range

All fireboxes come in a standard CHARCOAL colour.

All Radiantes now have a standard BLACK TRIM The brass trim as shown in photographs is only available by special order from France.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 747 2V SR firebox
Radiante 747 2V SR
Corner sided firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 747 2V PR firebox
Radiante 747 2V PR
Corner sided firebox
with lift up door
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 2V Wood Fireplace
Radiante 846 2V
Double sided firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 873 2V SR wood firebox<br>
    Double sided firebox fireplace
Radiante 873 2V SR
Corner sided firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1001 DF firebox
Radiante 1001 DF
Double sided firebox


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1200 DF firebox
Radiante 1200 DF
Double sided firebox