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Blaze contemporary convection wood heater

Designed for modern Australian homes

Humans have long been drawn to fire. Our ancient ancestors used fire for warmth, protection and cooking, but still to this day, these flickering flames are a source of comfort and security throughout those chilly days and nights. Nothing makes a home feel more alive and inviting than a display of glowing embers and the cosy feel of gentle radiating warmth, which is why we design affordable fireplaces that can fit anywhere within modern Australian living spaces.


Blaze B100


Small in footprint but a powerful radiant heater with simple to use features. The B100 is just quirky enough to be uniquely stylish with a contemporary design. Looks great in either a man cave or any living space

Blaze B400 & B700


Modern design incorporates convenient wood storage and a large viewing window to allow stunning views of the flames.

Blaze B500 & B800


Freestanding contemporary design with amazing coverage and efficiency. Easy to use features make these a great addition to any living space.


Blaze B520 & B820


These are designed to be installed into either a full masonry cavity or with optional zero clearance kit. Complete with a modern minimalistic frame to suit any modern home.


Blaze B600 & B900


A modern wood heater that features a handy wood storage base. With its modern design and robust look, this fire is an eye-catcher in the room.

Blaze B605 & B905


A bench mounted convection wood heater will make a statement in any living space. A sleek and stylish option for larger spaces.