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Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 3V fireplace

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 3V

Cheminees Philippe magnificent triple sided wood fireplaces with Classic or Contemporary design.

Cheminees Philippe French provincial style lends itself to country classic designs. The magnificent Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 3V offers the ultimate in luxury heating performance and contemporary style.

The triple sided wood fireplaces feature a 3 style view of the wood log fire, enabling great panoramic views within the home.

These cast iron slow combustion heaters are 100% made at the Cheminees Philippe factory and foundry in France.

Easy to clean, these fireplaces are a breeze to maintain. Cheminees Philippe fireboxes can be installed freestanding, or with a choice of French or Australian designed surrounds.

EPA approved to Australian standards.


Cheminees Philippe Radiante Triple Sided Fireplace Range

All Cheminees Philippe fireboxes come in a standard CHARCOAL colour.

All Radiantes now have a standard BLACK TRIM.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 700 3V fireplace
Radiante 700 3V
Triple sided firebox
cheminees philippe radiante 846 3v Fireplace
Radiante 846 3V
Triple sided firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 890 3V Triple sided firebox
Radiante 890 3V
Triple sided firebox