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Single Fronted Wood Fireplaces


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 700 fireplace

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 700

Cheminees Philippe master engineering capabilities combines aesthetics with efficiency and outstanding heating performance second to none.

Cheminees Philippe extensive single fronted wood fireplaces provide a number of options which are suitable for a range of heating needs.

All our single fronted fireboxes are 100% made in the Cheminees Philippe factory and foundry in France. These slow combustion fire boxes are fully constructed in heavy duty cast iron with superior ceramic glass doors which resist up to 800℃.

Choose from single or dual opening doors. The single opening door mechanism opens to the side and the dual opening doors offer sliding up and opening to the side.

Easy to clean with removable ash pans that make these fireplaces a breeze to maintain.

The beautiful Cheminees Philippe Wood Fires can be installed freestanding, with a choice of French or Australian designed and manufactured surrounds.

EPA approved to Australian standards.


Cheminees Philippe Radiante single fronted Fireplace Range

All Cheminees Philippe fireboxes come in a standard CHARCOAL colour.

All Radiantes now have a standard BLACK TRIM.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 692 Fireplace
Radiante 692 firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 700 Wood Fireplace
Radiante 700 firebox
radiante 747 Fireplace
Radiante 747 firebox


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 800 fireplace
Radiante 800 firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 844 firebox
Radiante 844 firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 873 firebox
Radiante 873 firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1000 firebox
Radiante 1000 firebox
Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1001 firebox
Radiante 1001 firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1200 firebox Wood Fireplace
Radiante 1200 firebox