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AGA eR3 Cooker

The new AGA eR3 with induction option.

When choosing an AGA or Rayburn you're acquiring the most perfect stove, which is simplicity itself to use. It's a craftmanship made cast iron design classic which adds style, individuality, an investment to suit any Australian

From two to five ovens with an optional two oven AGA Module (if seven ovens is what you need!).

The module can be either attached to a main AGA cooker or be left freestanding. A great addition to any kitchen,it has the cast-iron good looks of the AGA combined with a conventional electric oven with integral grill and a fan electric oven.

Cheminee can explain each model to help you choose the AGA range cooker that best suits your family and home.

AGA City60 cooker

AGA 60

AGA Cookers

AGA State-of-the-art technology changes everything. It enables you to programme your AGA cooker to be on when you want to cook. Or off when you don't. Each hotplate and oven operates independently.

AGA eR3 cooker


All electric with warming plate or induction hob.


AGA 60 cooker

AGA 60

60cm wide – perfect for compact spaces - Traditional style


AGA Total Control cooker

AGA Total Control

The fully programmable electric AGA cooker with 3 or 5 ovens.


AGA Dual Fuel cooker

AGA Dual Fuel

The AGA Dual Control has added flexibility and much reduced running and servicing costs.

Accessories & Options

Classic AGA badge coloured enamel aga hotplate covers

You can make your new AGA very much your own by customizing it with one of a choice of AGA badges and colour-matched hotplate covers


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Test Drive an AGA

You can attend a free demonstration of all the AGA cooker features, contact Cheminee 02 9564 2694



We have had lots of requests for Margaret Dargan to run cooking classes following her wonderful demonstrations.
We've decided to start with Bread and Cake making classes. If you would like to be included please email Litsa directly at: and we'll keep you updated.