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Radiante 1000 Firebox


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1000 firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1000

The physical size, technology and superior performance of the Radiante 1000 is unsurpassed by any other fire on the market.

Bold and beautiful, the Radiante 1000 features 350 kg of solid cast iron, an enormous firebox and large transmission fins on top to provide powerful heating, extremely popular for large open areas, warehouse conversions and commercial settings.

The Radiante 1000 has been crafted with meticulous attention to quality, detail and reliability and is the epitome of beautiful French fireplace design. Combining aesthetics with high efficiency and outstanding heating performance, the Radiante 1000 is second to none.


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1000 firebox


Features & Benefits

* Varies depending upon ceiling height, installation and place of construction.