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Cheminees Philippe
Radiante 1001 Firebox


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1001 firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1001

The exceptional, quality construction of Cheminees Philippe’s Radiante 1001 firebox, makes it the perfect choice for architects, interior designers and home owners who demand the highest quality and performance from their fireplace.

The Radiante 1001 makes a dramatic statement with is a wide panoramic view of the fire and modern, clean façade. Beautiful in its simplicity and ease of use, the Radiante 1001 provides excellent heating efficiency as a slow combustion heater combined with the enjoyment and ambience of an open fire when the glass door slides up out of view.

The unique and beautiful design of the Radiante 1001 will blend easily into modern, contemporary homes and large living areas, adding natural beauty and warmth to any space.


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1001 firebox


Features & Benefits

* Varies depending upon ceiling height, installation and place of construction.