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Cheminees Philippe
Radiante 800 Firebox


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 800 firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 800

The Radiante 800 French fire offers the simplest of silhouettes.The understated elegance of the firebox with its fabulous wide panoramic view of the fire, ease of use, along with its brilliant efficient heating make it a very popular choice for those looking for an uncomplicated fashionable fire.

Its timeless design makes it perfect to encase with your own fabulous personal design, to install into an existing fireplace or to feature as a wonderful stand alone feature. The simplicity of the Radiante 800 creates an irresistible atmosphere of beauty and effortless warmth.


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 800 firebox


Features & Benefits

* Varies depending upon ceiling height, installation and place of construction.