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Radiante 846 2V Firebox


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 2v firebox

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 2V

The Radiante 846 2V double sided wood fire gives warmth and soul to any room. It is one of the most popular designs in the Radiante collection offering superb views from both sides of the firebox.

The double sided fire will feature beautifully in the centre of a room to create two living spaces or built into a wall, where one fire captivates and warms two rooms.

A smart new trend emerging is featuring the Radiante 846 2V as a freestanding centerpiece where its beautifully sculptured firebox is dramatically on display.

The original Cheminees Philippe dual opening door is featured on both doors giving you the choice of open fire enjoyment where you desire it and tremendous efficient, safe slow combustion heating when the doors are down.

With no end to the amazing designs that this firebox presents, you will be rewarded with warmth and splendour of a world class Cheminees Philippe French fire.


Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 2v firebox


Features & Benefits

* Varies depending upon ceiling height, installation and place of construction.